Look, I know it can be SO confusing when it comes to body change as we age.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’re doing everything “right” when it comes to nutrition and exercise, yet you’re still experiencing some not-so-welcome changes since you’ve hit your 40’s.

The truth is we just can’t do the same things we used to in order to get results nowadays. Our bodies are way different hormonally, and this is a factor that a lot of women don’t think about.

That’s what the 5-S Formula for Healthy Aging is all about. If you can incorporate these 5 components into your lifestyle, you’ll be setting yourself up not only to get great results physically, but you’ll be happy and sane as well – because there are NO extremes in this plan!

Here’s how the 5-S Formula breaks down:

    As our bodies change hormonally, they become super sensitive to stress. This can present as excess belly fat that seemingly appears out of nowhere. A lot of women think the solution is MORE exercise, when it fact the opposite it true. Exercise is a stressor, so it becomes more about doing just enough of the right types of exercise. In addition, working in lots of stress-relieving activities such as leisurely-paced walking, massage, baths, meditation, etc. is key.Check out my FREE Healthy Aging Workout Routine that will get you great results without adding excess stress on the body.
  2. SLEEP
    This goes along with the above, but getting good quality sleep reduces stress on the body. Shoot for 7 to 9 hours a night, and try to go to bed at the same time each evening. Make sure you eliminate any lights from devices, and set the room at a comfortable temp. I like to listen to relaxing meditation music as I fall asleep. 🙂
    This is where a lot of women get tripped up. They add in exercise, but a lot of the time it’s cardio-based. This is not going to help you long-term as far as bone and joint strength, and in fact, could very well hurt you. AND, the more cardio you do, the more your hunger and cravings can get out of whack. Lift some weights 3 or so times per week – grab your plan here.
    I’m just going to be straight with you…our food supply is messed up and so devoid of nutrients, it’s crazy. I was the one who ate clean and organic ALL the time, but STILL felt tired and foggy much of the time. It wasn’t until I introduced nutrient-dense superfoods that this changed. I’m a huge fan of the Isagenix products because they’re clean, pure and have a TON of superfood minerals and nutrients.
    Finally, in order to make the rest of your life the BEST, you have to be happy with both your eating and your exercise routine. There will always be times when we feel a little funky – that’s normal – but the goal is to create a lifestyle that’s easy, keeps you happy and gets you the results you desire!

Want to hear more about the 5-S Formula for Healthy Aging? Check out this short training I did recently – I’ll also discuss a bonus “S” that will make the rest of your life even better!

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