Intermittent Fasting – is it the Fountain of Youth?

Intermittent fasting seems to be all the rage right now. And for good reason. The health benefits of fasting (when done correctly) go far beyond fat loss. So what are the benefits? Here are few to get you excited about skipping breakfast: Improved mental clarity and concentration Weight and body fat loss (especially stubborn fat) Lowered blood insulin […] Read more…

8 Tips for Navigating Holiday Cookouts

Happy Memorial Day Weekend – SO MUCH GRATITUDE for those who gave their lives to preserve our freedom. Memorial Day also signifies the beginning of Summer, which means fun cookouts, days by the pool, and vacations. Ahhhhh…so nice. Today, let’s talk about cookouts. Now, I am ALL about moderation, which means nothing is ever off-limits. […] Read more…

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