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Strength Training - The TRUE Fountain of Youth!
It's time to take action towards healthy longevity. 
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You now know how important strength training is but...
What do you do about it?
Look I get it...
You KNOW you need to pick up those weights, but figuring out where to start can be SO confusing, right?
What in the world is the BEST type of workout to build lean, sculpted, toned muscle AND blast fat - SAFELY and effectively? There are so many programs out there, and you might find yourself jumping from one to another...feeling frustrated that you're not seeing the results you desire. OR you may just need to shake things up with some new, fresh ideas. 

This is definitely an option, BUT it can be expensive and inaccessible for many. And who has time anymore to carve out a couple hours a few times a week to travel to/from a gym or studio?

When I realized that the exercise I was doing was NOT serving me - in fact it was doing the exact opposite - I DID hire a trainer. I spent major dollars that I didn't have at the time. Then I BECAME a personal trainer myself. While I enjoyed in-person training, I found that I could teach many more all over the world with online programs and save them oodles of moolah, and in the process get them amazing results. 
Trust me, you do NOT need to spend a ton of money to get fit and strong!
What if you had a program to reach your goals for less than the cost of ONE session with a trainer? 

It IS possible!

And I'm on a MISSION to help!
My Story...
Hi, I'm Tara...
For years, I struggled with over-exercising. I was an extreme "cardio-queen," thinking that if i just ran a few more miles, or worked out for an hour more, I would get the toned, lean body I desired. 

It got to the point where I was exercising upwards of 3 to 4 hours a day. I would wake up at 3:30am each morning, head to the gym to run 5 or 6 miles, teach a spinning class - then go back in the evening after work and do it alllll over again. 

While I was "skinny," I sure wasn't toned. 

Not only that, my whole body was inflamed. I suffered numerous injuries (some serious), was sick frequently, and spent my downtime sleeping. My body hurt alllll the time.

Finally, finally, in 2009, I broke the heel of my foot training for an ultra-marathon. This ended up being a blessing in disguise, and was my wake-up call.

I hired a trainer, completely changed my training - and the rest is history. 

By doing JUST enough of the RIGHT types of exercise, I completely changed the SHAPE of my body - and I have not had an injury since. 
Yep...that skinny girl on the left is me...
That pained expression on my face in the pic on the left was me begging for the finish line to be close.

I was in so much pain...I was actually running with a stress fracture that I did not know I had. But I kept on trucking pain, no gain, right? 


That is also me on the right - roughly 10 years later. I went from HOURS of exercise a day, to about 4 hours per WEEK. 
How would it feel to wake up feeling amazing in your body every day?
Less aches and pains.

Feeling strong as you get older - strong bones, strong joints, strong ligaments!

Being a fat-burning machine, even as hormones go haywire. 

All without tons of time or money.
All of this IS possible. I'm living proof, along with so many who have joined this journey.
But Don't Take My Word For It...Check Out What These Ladies Have To Say
Ellen H.

I have been a fan of Tara's online workouts for a while...she's my "Go To" gal! What I love most about working out with Tara is that I can take her anywhere, lol. It's like having a personal trainer right there in my home, hotel room or RV. Her workouts are not intimidating, they are quick, yet pack a punch.
I was in my mid 40's when I was introduced to her style of workouts and now I'm in my 50's. I wasn't very strong. With consistency and Tara's encouragement I've gained strength and lean muscle. 
Karin C.

I LOVE working out with Tara/Prime Life Fit!!! Her workouts are quick and to the point...but KILLER!!! You WILL be sweating and breathless! Also, by using minimal equipment (ie. just a set of dumbbells and body weight), you can literally do these workouts anywhere! Even bigger bonus, you’re usually done in 20-30 minutes with WAY better body sculpting results than just running on the treadmill for an hour!
Cheryl S.

Tara’s workouts are always short, but tough and effective. Her workout and nutrition advice to those of us over 50 is invaluable! Tara is so down to earth and understands the issues we face because she has been there. She is so inspiring with the incredible results she has achieved herself from short, effective workouts.
The Fountain of Youth formula workout program
I'm so excited to share TWENTY of my go-to, fountain of youth, workouts to blast fat and build muscle like a boss. These are the exact types of workouts that took me from skinny, tired and frail to lean, strong and toned. 
What' Included:
20 Workouts to Blast Fat & Build Muscle Like a Boss!
You receive 20 full-length, detailed, written workouts accessed through a secure members area. These workouts can be done at home OR at the gym, with minimal equipment. They are short, effective and GET RESULTS.
Video Demos of ALL Workouts 
Let's face it - workouts are only effective if you know how to do them. The video demos take the guesswork out of movements, show proper form and set you up for best success. 
Suggested Workout Planner
So you know what to do when - even on your "off" days.
Free Facebook Group for Accountability & Support
Having a community of women who have your back is SO crucial!
And, on this page only, you're going to include some exclusive bonuses they can't get anywhere else!
Super Cool Bonus #1
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Super Cool Bonus #3
Grab the program now before the price increases!
limited time offer!
Give A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
This helps people who are just on the edge of purchasing, to take the leap of faith since you put the risk back on you!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
You're Worth it!
You Deserve To Feel and Look Amazing
We all only have a certain number of "tomorrows" left. 

You deserve to make the rest of your life THE BEST, and a big part of this is being mobile, functional, vibrant and strong. 

This program will get you there - it certainly did for me. The hard truth is we may be living longer, but our quality of life is getting worse. Don't be a statistic. 

Step into strength...step into power...step into the best version of YOU!

-Tara Ballard / Prime Life Fit
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  • ​20 Full-Length Fat Blasting, Muscle Building Workouts
  • ​Video Demos of All Workouts
  • ​Suggested Workout Planner 
  • ​Access to Secret Facebook Group
  • ​LIFETIME Access To The Program! 
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