Hi, I’m Tara

Hi there! Welcome to my site. I’m so glad you’ve popped by.

You might be wondering what Prime Life Fit is all about. Well, it really evolved from the year or so before I turned 40 and I started getting lots of (unsolicited) advice and feedback about how things basically start to suck after the big 4-0 hits.

I heard all sorts of things that certainly did not make me look forward to my 40’s – it sounded more like a death sentence than anything else.

But what I learned was that women just don’t have the tools they need to completely embrace their 40’s…to really know how to deal with the changes they encounter physically and mentally.

As a recovering perfectionist, I understand how difficult it can be when your body doesn’t behave like it once did. I get that what used to work for you doesn’t anymore, and maybe you feel stuck…and this can be, well, sucky.

So my job is to help you learn the tools you need to fully embrace and love your age now AND later. It’s not about being who were were in our 20’s and 30’s, but being in love with ourselves and our lives NOW.

It’s about working WITH the changes, rather than against.

This involves everything from nutrition, fitness and mindset (in my opinion, the most important thing of all).

So much of how well we age is within our control, and it’s so possible to be the best version of ourselves!!

I truly believe age is just a number. But it goes deeper than just looking good on the outside. By making certain changes physically and mentally, we can truly live the life of our dreams whether we are 40, 50 or 80. When you change the inside, the results present themselves on the outside.

When I’m not helping women in their 40’s and beyond rock their age, I love working out, being in nature, hanging with my “spousal equivalent”, Nick, on our mini-farm, traveling, drinking wine and watching hummingbirds :-).

Feel free to browse around – and email me with any questions you have. I always love hearing from you! Tara@Primelifefit.com