One of the things I hear most frequently from my clients is that they just don’t have time to workout. I get it!! But if you can find 15-20 minutes three times per week, you absolutely DO have time to get a super-effective workout that burns fat, helps sculpt lean muscle and keeps your metabolism rev’d up long after the workout is over.

Welcome to Metabolic Prime! This revolutionary new workout program designed by Dr. Jade Teta of Metabolic Effect fame will not only get you the results you desire, but also work within the time constraints of your busy life.

I had the opportunity to work on this project (that’s me jumping above 🙂 ), and let me tell you – it is amazing!

What you get:

  • 12 weeks’ worth of fat-burning, anti-aging workouts – all 15 minutes (or 20 with the optional burnout) and appropriate for all fitness levels
  • All workouts can be done anywhere, using your own body weight, resistance bands or dumbbells
  • Suggested meal plan along with recipes
  • Access to my private Beat the Bloat coaching group***

***You must order from THIS LINK to get access to my coaching group.

You get all of this for only $37. Crazy, right? It’s an amazing value.

Once your order is placed, shoot me an email at Tara@Primelifefit.com so I can get you added to my coaching group. My current coaching members are LOVING these workouts – I think you will too!