3 Day Healthy Aging Workout Plan

  • Build lean muscle while strengthening bones & joints
  • Burn fat at rest
  • Make the rest of your life THE BEST
Before and After

3 Lower Body Lean-Out Tricks

For many years, I hated my lower body. You may be thinking, but Tara…shouldn’t we love our bodies, perceived flaws and all? Ahhh…you HAVE been paying attention to what I say…and the answer is YES, absolutely. We are given a pretty doggone miraculous body, and we should be grateful for that. But let’s just say […] Read more…

3 Keys for Lasting Change

I think we can all agree that change is freakin’ hard, right? I mean, if it were easy, we’d all be doing it! But fact is, most people stay stuck right where they are (even when it may not be serving them) because it’s just easier. It’s comfy. It’s what we know. It’s certain.  And a lot […] Read more…

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