Owning your age

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, then you may have seen the hashtag #40isthenew40, and you might be wondering what it means.

It was really born out of my frustration with how our society sees getting older.

I was seeing so many posts like the following:

40 is the new 30 (or 20)
Look hot over 40!
40 and sexy!

or on the flipside:

It’s all downhill after 40
Life ends after 40
…as if being over 40 is some kind of death sentence. WTH?

You get the gist.

I started asking myself: why can’t we just embrace our age? Why do we have to pretend we are something we aren’t? We can’t we be PROUD of being the age we are? And why on earth would anyone say that life is basically over for us? It’s only just beginning!

Hence, 40 is the new 40 (or 50 is the new 50, or whatever decade you’re in). Wherever you are, feeling good about it. Embracing it. OWNING it! Making the rest of your life the BEST.

It’s about learning how to be the best version of ourselves now. Not trying to be something we’re not – just being the best “us” we can be – physically and mentally.

And that’s different for everyone.

Does this make sense? Please let me know if you feel me on this.

So, for the past several months, I’ve been thinking about how I could help women who are struggling with this concept – either from a physical standpoint (not knowing how to exercise OR seeing body changes they don’t like and not knowing how to deal with that), a mental standpoint, or both.

Here is what I came up with:

In October, I’ll be launching my new six week #40isthenew40 Love Your Age Program. I am beyond excited about this, because I know it’s needed…I have seen and felt the need in all the emails I’ve received from women all over who are frustrated and having a hard time figuring out HOW to embrace their age and be their best self.


During the six weeks, we’ll dig into nutrition, exercise and most importantly (IMO), the mindset tools you need to live your BEST life now and later.

If this resonates, then go ahead and get yourself added to the wait list.

Life is too short to not love your age!!



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5 Reasons Why You (Yes, YOU!) Must Lift Weights

Last week, my friend, Jill, and I were in the middle of a pretty challenging squat routine and the subject came up (as it often does) regarding the need for strength training.

Both Jill and I come from a background where cardio used to be the main exercise we did. What’s interesting though is that it didn’t matter how much cardio I did, my body didn’t change. In fact, while thin, my body fat went up the longer I engaged in lots of long duration cardio. And I see the same thing in so many people who diligently attend spin and other cardio classes, week after week, year after year.

Luckily, after my epiphany in 2009, I learned about all of the benefits of strength training first-hand. For the first time in my life, my body morphed into something I had been wanting for years, but couldn’t obtain.

So, if you think you don’t need to strength train, consider the following 5 reasons why I think you should. Keep in mind I am not dissing cardio. I still love it, and still do it…just for shorter durations now, and mixed in with a healthy dose of weights.

1. Strength training keeps us young 

It helps to strengthen joints, bones, tendons, balance and ligaments. I think it’s safe to say than none of us wants to be a poster child for the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials later in life, right? Strength training helps us avoid those nasty falls and broken bones we may have seen our parents and grandparents experience.

2. Skinny Fat is not healthy (or sexy)

We have all seen people who look good in clothes, but then you catch a glimpse of them in a swimsuit or shorts, and you’re like “how is that possible? She looks so good in street clothes!”. Doing excessive cardio, or cardio only with no strength training, leads to muscle loss. Less muscle = more body fat. And this is not strictly a cosmetic issue, especially as we get older and fat tends to accumulate around the midsection. This type of fat, called visceral, is the really bad stuff that surrounds your major organs. No bueno. So, would you rather look good in clothes, or look good naked, or both?

3. Strength training is the only thing that will change the shape of your body

This one takes little explanation. But if a tight, toned body with some feminine definition is what you’re after, cardio alone won’t get you there. You need to lift, and you need to lift heavy (for you).

4. Strength training boosts self-esteem

Ahhhh…of COURSE there is a mental element to this! There is just something about a good lift that makes one feel accomplished and well, a little badass!  Also, when those muscles start to pop and your strength increases (40lb bags of dog food don’t have anything on you!), you feel better in your body – not just from an aesthetic standpoint, but also from knowing that you’re doing great things for your longevity. As everything gets stronger, you’ll  also notice less aches and pains that can occur when you’re only doing cardio.

5. Strength training causes you to be a fat-burning machine

Looking for a way to boost your metabolism? Lift weights. The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn EVEN WHEN YOU’RE SITTING ON THE COUCH. I don’t know about you, but burning fat at rest is pretty cool stuff!

Still not convinced that you should strength train? Take a look at this pic from 2009. In six short months, my body completely changed shape. This came from completely changing my workout routine, as well as my nutrition.



Do you want body change, but you’re not sure where to begin? Shoot me an email at Tara@PrimeLifeFit.com if you’d like to be considered for my upcoming 16-week body transformation program that’s starting soon!

In health,


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Getting real – exercise addiction

I sent this out to my email subscribers earlier, but felt that it needed to reach a larger audience, so here goes…

I remember it clearly. For weeks leading up to my 33rd birthday, I had been noticing some pain in my hip and groin. I blew it off as normal soreness and kept running and exercising.

During this time, I was also realizing that I couldn’t stay married to my husband anymore. It was one of those things that I had known for a long time, but chose to ignore.

So, to deal with the emotional turmoil of leaving a 10-year relationship, I ran and took spin classes. A lot.

This in and of itself isn’t terrible, but I also wasn’t eating, wasn’t sleeping and generally felt like crap.

But exercise was my outlet, and it gave me a high, that, while short-lived, I couldn’t get anywhere else.

Then the nagging pain started. Then the nagging pain turned into more constant, consistent pain until finally I was out on a run, and could barely even walk back home…the pain was excruciating.

On my 33rd birthday, I found out that I had a pretty dangerous fracture in my hip. One that might require surgery to insert a metal pin to fix. What? Happy birthday to me!

I opted not to go the surgery route, but that meant NOT exercising AT ALL for at least 12 weeks. I was on crutches, in pain, and devastated.

Exercise was the only way I knew how to deal with the mental anguish I was going through. Without it, I was a mess.

I wish I could say that during my recovery I had an ephiphany or that I was grateful for the struggle or that I felt like a warm light came over and surrounded me with healing.


Mainly, I was pissed off and bitter. I was depressed and relied heavily on pain meds to keep me from feeling not only the physical pain, but the emotional as well.

It was the longest 12 weeks of my life. And you’d think I’d have learned a lesson or two during that time, but no.

I got back into running hard and heavy, much much too soon. My eating was still crappy, and I was still stressed with dealing with my divorce.

For the next 7 years, I suffered AT LEAST one fracture per year – some minor ones in my feet, others more serious, including another one in my hip and the one that FINALLY caused my epiphany in 2009. That one was a near full break of my heel bone that landed me in a bright green cast for 8 weeks.

It’s really hard for me to even write this, because I can see so clearly now how messed up it was.

But thing is, I just didn’t have the mental tools available at the time to deal with my underlying problems.

Exercise was the only way I knew how to deal with them. It was also the only thing I thought dictated my self-worth. People saw me as “badass” because of all the exercise I did. Boy, if they only knew how much I was struggling inside.

The reason I share this with you is that I get emails all the time from people who are struggling with the same things. On the surface they realize they have used exercise as their outlet, and have become addicted to that. They ask me for step by step plans and programs on how to break the cycle. Just tell me what to eat and how to exercise, Tara, they say.

And I want to help them, I really do – but here’s the thing…there is no program or plan I can give them that will help break the cycle unless their mind is ready. It has to come from within. It has to start with mindset. And they have to be ready to deal with ups and downs and the fact that the shift is more like a squiggly line than a straight-upward climb.

So how did that happen for me? Like I said, that last fracture in 2009 was my breaking point (no pun intended). I knew I needed to change, and for the first time, I really wanted to change. My mind was where it needed to be.

I have my workout partner, mentor and friend, Jill Coleman, to thank for providing me with both the mental and physical tools over these past 6 years to make the shift.

Did it happen overnight? Hell no! There were times when I’d have some stress, and I’d go back to that place of not eating and exercising like crazy. But it was short-lived, very short-lived. Because once you have the mental tools, you learn to recognize patterns – and you can break them sooner.

Jill is a master at mindset. Yes, she is an amazing trainer who provides amazing workouts. But it’s her success mindset tools that are the most life-changing. We’ve been hanging out together this past week in Cali, and while we’ve had some great workouts, the most fun has been just chilling out, drinking wine (duh!) and talking about the power of the mind.

If you are you interested in the tools to lead a more balanced, sane existence, then you should give Jill’s Total Training Experience program a look. You’ll need to do it before tomorrow, as that is when it closes, and won’t be offered again for a year. Yes, I am biased, but her content will rock your world – physically and mentally. You’ll see what I mean when you check it out.

If any of this resonates with you, let me know. I love to hear from you! You can also check out my latest Periscopes on cardio obsession and other juicy stuff here.

With love,



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Spring Cleansing Wrap-up/True Confessions!

Annnnndd…..Nick and I made it through our 9 Day Nutritional Cleanse! Well, sort of…

Confession time…

Typically the cleanse ends the morning of the 10th day, but we decided to break it about 7pm last night. Why?

It wasn’t so much about hunger, it was more about planning for the morning ahead.

I knew I’d be up super early (4:15am), and I also knew I had a kick-butt workout planned (mega hill sprints & leg workout). I did not feel keen on having a shake or a bar that early, so I opted for a nice salad with grilled chicken last night.

Did I “fail” because I ended the cleanse early? Hell no!

I always tell my clients that you do what works for you! If you can only manage nightly cleansing (taking the Cleanse for Life product before bed or upon waking), that is GREAT! I’ve even done 3/4 day cleanses, where I cleanse until dinner. There will be those who say this is all wrong, but I am all about tweaking and making it work for the individual.


I definitely feel much, much better! Lighter,clearer, stronger and with way more energy. I am so glad I did it!

Will I do it again anytime soon?

Not sure – I was doing one once/quarter, so I will probably get back on that schedule. What I will start doing regularly again are one-day cleanse days either one day/week or  every two weeks. I know  I felt best when I was doing this before. And of course, my normal days will still be some variation of the same theme:

As far as results go…as I said before, I do not weigh myself, but prefer to go by how my clothes fit and how I feel. That said, I definitely feel tighter and lighter. And I think I can see some changes between my Day 1 and Day 10 photos :-) :

Hi there, abs :-).

Hi there, abs :-) .

NOTE: my exercise during these last 9 days has been less than it usually is – I did not work out on any of the 4 cleanse days, and while my workouts were intense the rest of the time, they probably were not as intense as usual. And with the exception of an awesome 12 mile run this past Saturday, they were very short, and included very, very little targeted ab-work. I tell you this to drive home the fact that abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym :-) .

If you have any questions/comments/thoughts, or are interested in giving this a go yourself, just shoot me an email – Tara@PrimeLifeFit.com. I’d love to hear from you!




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Days 3 through 7 – Spring Cleansing!

Playing a little “catch-up” here on that past 5 days of our 9-day cleanse! My “shake” days are usually pretty much the same, so I decided to lump them together to give you a general overview of how they usually play out.

Before I dive into that, however, I want to clear up any misconceptions that may be lingering out there.

What I’ve found is that when people question, or even “bash” the cleanse and other products, it’s because they really just don’t understand it OR they have their own products they are using/distributing.

I get it – I used to be a huge skeptic, and while I will NEVER bash another company/product, I certainly thought I did not need these products three years ago. But I was also open-minded enough to try them, and boy am I glad I did!

Further, when it comes down to it, you have to find what works for YOU. That is different for every person, but in my opinion, judging others for what works for them just reflects negatively on the person judging. It is basically operating from a lack or scarcity mindset, rather than an abundance mindset. I recognize it easily now because I used to operate from that same consciousness. If you have products or a system you’re using that works for you, then that is so wonderful!

Live and let live is what I like to say!

All of this said, if you have specific questions, please feel free to email me at  Tara@primelifefit.com

Enough about THAT!!!

Below is a summary of how that past 5 days went in several areas.


My meals were pretty much the same every day. I had two shakes per day, usually one IsaLean Pro (post-workout) and one IsaLean shake. I had one other larger meal consisting of usually a BAS (big ass salad) with lots of veggies, protein (chicken or steak)  and healthy fats. I had snacks of either 1/2 IsaLean bar or a handful of nuts when I felt like I needed them. I monitored my HEC (a Metabolic Effect term for hunger, energy and cravings), and adjusted accordingly if I needed to to keep my HEC in check.

I did have wine a couple times, including during a lunch date with my friend Kristin :-) , but both wine and coffee consumption is wayyyyy lower than it was!

I started each day with a blend of Ionix Supreme, Cleanse for Life, IsaGreens and 2 tsp organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

Kale salad with chicken, avocado and strawberries

Kale salad with chicken, avocado and strawberries

My favorite! Toss in a tad bit of EVOO and add your fave veggies and protein.

My favorite! Toss in a tad bit of EVOO and add your fave veggies and protein.



I worked out pretty hard Tuesday – Saturday, and felt great each day. Energy was high, and recovery was QUICK. After running 12 miles yesterday, my legs feel great! I also brought back some heavier weighted workouts this week, and any soreness was minimal and went away quickly.


I’ve needed less sleep this week, and it’s been easier to get out of bed – I’ve been waking up before the alarm and get right up. No snooze button!


I never weigh myself, but I still feel lighter and less bloated. I should have at least taken measurements at the beginning, but I didn’t. I’ll snap some new pics on Tuesday, however. The main thing is that I FEEL so good!


My mental clarity and focus has been very on-point this week. I had quite a bit to do for the next phase of our Healthy Aging Lifestyle program – knocked it out in no time, as well as some other things I’ve needed to do. Feels so good to check things off the list!

So, things have gone well. Was I “perfect”? Heck, no. And that’s OK!! :-)

Today starts the last 2 cleanse days. I’m actually looking forward to them as I know my energy, etc. will just get better and better from here. It’s just the “reboot” I needed!

Next recap will be Tuesday after the cleanse officially wraps up!



P.S. If you have found this to be helpful, I would appreciate a like or share :-) . Again, if you have any questions, email me at Tara@PrimeLifeFit.com

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Day 2 Recap – Spring Cleansing!


Nick and I both made it through two cleanse days with minimal effort and discomfort – yay!

There were a couple times when I felt a few very minor hunger pangs, but it was manageable, and there were ZERO cravings for anything.

Tuesdays are one of my early mornings where I train clients at 7:30am, and I try to get my workout done beforehand. I typically workout fasted AND I have a hard time eating at 4:30am…but, given that I need to get something in the bod after the past two days, I”m opting for the following:

  • 1/2 IsaLean Bar
  • My normal non-cleanse day morning elixir of 1 scoop Cleanse for Life, 1 scoop Ionix Supreme, 1 scoop IsaGreens and 2 tsp Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

This will suffice until I get home around 8:45 and have my super yummy shake!

Not sure if there are any changes after 2 days, but I sure feel good!

Not sure if there are any changes after 2 days, but I sure feel good!


  • This is normal for me, but I had a huge surge of energy yesterday and actually had a hard time sleeping. I woke up 15 minutes BEFORE my alarm went off at 4:15am, and did not go to bed until nearly 10pm. I’m typically an 8 hour/night girl, so this always surprises me. 
  • I feel GREAT! It’s hard to describe, but those feelings of lethargy, puffiness, etc. are gone. I feel lighter and more like myself. I don’t weigh myself, but can tell that my clothes are a little looser.
  • The times when I was tempted to break the cleanse were mental, not physical. We are so conditioned to eating 3 or more times per day, and it can take our brain awhile to readjust on cleanse days.
  • I knew this would happen, but my morning coffee does not taste as good as it usually does. This was a big reason for me doing this cleanse…I wanted to break my cycle of having 3 or more cups/day. You will find as you go through this process that you lose taste for certain unhealthy things, and start craving the good stuff.

You might be wondering how the toxins get OUT of the body. It happens through excretion through urine, sweating, etc. It is NOT a colon cleanse – lol! It IS interesting though. When a friend of ours who is a hair stylist did her first cleanse a couple years ago, she couldn’t understand why her sweat smelled like perm.  It was because she was sweating out all of those chemicals she is exposed to on a daily basis as a hair stylist.

SIDENOTE: if you are a hair stylist, auto mechanic or anyone else who works around chemicals or toxins every day, YOU NEED TO CLEANSE more than anyone!

As I started writing this before I started my day, I wanted to share how I’m feeling after morning workouts, etc.

I got to the gym around 5:45am and warmed up on the treadmill for 15 minutes, followed by hill sprints done in the following fashion:

4 x 45 secs at 15% incline
4 x 45 secs at 10% incline
4 x 45 secs at 5% incline
I took as long as needed in between each sprint to recover, usually 45 seconds to a minute.

I then met up with my friend, Emily, for a heavy-ish leg workout, which looked like this:

4 rounds of the following circuit
8 x each leg step-up/stiff-legged deadlift
10 x walking lunge/reach

3 rounds of the following circuit:
8 x each leg single squat off bench
10 x full reps/10 x bottom half reps hamstring curl
10 x new jacks

I felt really good during all of this – no loss of strength at all. Don’t get me wrong, it was HARD…but, I was definitely able to push harder today than I’ve felt like doing recently!

It’s close to 10am now, and I just finished my shake – 1.5 scoops IsaLean Chocolate and 1 scoop IsaPro for 36 grams total protein…so good!

Sweaty, but happy!

Sweaty, but happy!

Tomorrow, I’ll share how I’m eating these next 5 days, as well as how I’m feeling, workouts, etc.



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Day 1 Recap – Spring Cleansing!

Welp…Nick and I made it through Day 1 of our 9 Day Cleanse!

Given the fact that I haven’t done one in a LONNNNGGGG time, I was a little nervous about how I’d feel, especially given my overindulgences in wine and coffee lately :-) . I think the fact that I started cutting back on both things for about a week beforehand helped tremendously.

My energy stayed up all day, and I only experienced mild hunger later in the day. I kept activity low – Sunday is a rest day normally anyway, which is one of the reasons why I chose it as my start.

Nick and I kept busy, but not overly exerted, by doing some Spring Cleaning in the basement and around the house, and then took a nice leisurely walk at the park.

So exactly WHAT does a Cleanse Day look like as far as what’s consumed (or not consumed)? Below is the schedule I follow – depending on the day, the timing may change, but you get the point. You can click each link to learn more about each product and what’s in it.

One thing to note: while this is basically an intermittent fast (which I’ve been a fan of for a long time), it is different in that you are actually flooding your body with nutrients – probably more nutrients than you’d get from regular meals. So, this helps nourish the body, while assisting it in removing impurities.

Here we go:

9:30am: 1 oz Ionix Supreme, 1 Natural Accelerator

10am: 4 oz Cleanse for Life

11am: 2 IsaSnacks

12pm: 1 IsaDelight chocolate

1pm: 4 oz Cleanse for Life

2pm: 2 IsaSnacks

3pm: 1 IsaDelight, 1 Natural Accelerator

4pm: 1 oz Ionix Supreme

5pm: 4 oz Cleanse for Life

6pm: 2 IsaSnacks

7pm: 1 IsaDelight

8pm: 4 oz Cleanse for Life

9:30pm: BED

I also drank water throughout the day, infused with apple cider vinegar and lemon.

CONFESSION: the program does NOT include this, and I am NOT condoning it, but for my own sanity, I did have one cup of organic coffee when I woke up. I also had 2 cups of herbal tea throughout the day.

So, how am I feeling as I start Day 2?

Great so far!! I will not workout today, but will take a nice walk later and will keep myself busy again with work and errands. Today I know my energy will increase even more as HGH and other fat burning hormones increase. I can already tell my mental fogginess is gone, and I’ve lost water weight and puffiness.

Tomorrow starts 5 regular/healthy days, or what we call “Shake Days”. I’ll give you the blow by blow of what I eat on these days, how I’m feeling, changes I’m noticing, etc. I’ll also give you an update on how Nick is doing!

Until then…

Have a great day!


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Time for some Spring Cleansing!

The past 3 months or so have been crazy with travel and other engagements, and while I’ve enjoyed it ALL, I have noticed over the past 6 weeks or so that I’ve felt a little…blah.

I’ve felt sluggish, a little bit “foggy” mentally and…ahem…my “monthly” symptoms have NOT been pleasant. Since most of the folks who read this will be women, I don’t mind telling you that PMS has been a beast – moodiness, puffiness, swollen, tender breasts, abnormal cravings, etc. And while some people might welcome swollen breasts, I am NOT one of those people lol. Ugh.

Looking back over things, I can pinpoint where my typical life of moderation has crossed the line a bit into overindulgence – especially where wine and coffee are concerned. And while I’ve kept my nutrition and exercise pretty much the same, I have definitely let those two things work their way in a wee bit too much. I know from past experience that when I do this, my PMS is much worse.

So, over the past week, I’ve dialed in the coffee consumption…having my usual one cup in the morning, and subbing organic tea at other times. I also did NOT have wine most nights, which had become a bit of a ritual over the past few months. I will never give these two things up completely – they both bring me much pleasure, but again…moderation…not deprivation, but not overindulgence either.

This past week served as a bit of a prep for a 9 Day Nutritional Cleanse that Nick and I are starting TODAY!

It has been quite awhile since I’ve done one, and given how I’ve been feeling lately, I knew it was time. Once you’ve done it, you can definitely tell when you need it – lol. Before I had ever done one, I didn’t really know how it felt to feel really, really good. It’s like being tired and having slow recovery from exercise, etc. had become my norm. I just thought it was because I was getting older. But when I did my first cleanse over 3 years ago, I realized that wasn’t the case.

Even when you eat clean and are fit, you are still being exposed to toxins every day. You just can’t avoid it. Everything from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the cleaners we use, the potions we put on our skin…all of that contributes to toxicity in the body. ESPECIALLY if you are an athlete who is super-fit – you probably are more toxic than you think given you don’t have a lot of body fat to protect your organs from toxins. That’s a subject for another post, but just know that pretty much everyone is carrying some amount of toxicity around.


ANYWAY…back to today, and what this cleanse will consist of.

First off, it is NOT one of “those” cleanses, where I’ll be in the bathroom all day. It’s a full-body cellular cleanse. It aids the body’s own natural detoxification system by gently helping it remove impurities.

The schedule looks like this:

2 nutritional cleanse days, 5 normal, healthy days, 2 nutritional cleanse days…done!

It’s basically an intermittent fast. The difference being that while my digestion will be getting a break on cleanse days, I’ll be flooding my body with tons of nutrients via the products you see in the pic. And yes, I get to eat dark chocolate on my cleanse days :-) .

11071007_10205342238568048_6456145581687366856_n (1)

What can I expect?

Usually the first day is the hardest – your body works through stored sugar/glycogen, and there can be some hunger and fatigue. Most of this is mental, however, and I’ve been prepping myself mentally for about a week – ha! I also chose to start on a day when I knew I could sleep in. I’ll keep myself distracted by doing things around the house, and Nick and I will go on a long leisure walk later today.

On Day 2, the magic starts to happen. HGH and other fat-burning hormones increase, and typically so does energy. For me, it is the easier of the two cleanse days.

I know that by Day 3, I will already be feeling so much better – cravings will be diminished, and water I’ve been holding onto will be released, and that mental fog will clear. For those who have some fat to lose will lose it, although that is not my intention. I basically am using this as a “body reboot”.

I will keep you posted each day with how things go. Tomorrow, I’ll post the exact schedule of what I’m doing and also check in to let you know how today went, how I’m feeling, etc.

Finally, I took these pics today just to see if any outward changes occur over these next 9 days. Now before you go and say I don’t need to lose weight, remember that that is NOT what I’m after here. It’s a reboot – a way to get back to feeling as good as possible. When I look at the pics, I’m totally fine with them. I took them more out of curiosity than anything :-) .



If you want to learn more about the Cleanse, you can check it out here.

HERE WE GO!! Wish us luck!!!

Stayed tuned…

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I’ll be happy when…

I was flipping through Success magazine today, and one article caught my eye. It was titled, “Need to Lose Weight? Get happier.”

The article was written by a woman who lost 50lbs, not by going on the latest fad diet, but by addressing her thought patterns and overall happiness through therapy and other techniques.

I almost cheered out loud when I read it, as its underlying message is about self-love and well, being happy NOW. Not 10 pounds from now, not when you get that big raise, not when you win the race. NOW, right now…imperfections and all.

But why is it so hard to do this? We are so stuck in that “I’ll be happy when…” mentality, that we don’t notice how amazingly awesome we already are. It’s a dang shame, in my opinion.

It’s this way of thinking that keeps us stuck and so NOT happy.  The more we beat ourselves us for not achieving whatever it is we think we should, the further out of reach it becomes.

What if we changed one little word to make “I’ll be happy when…” so much more powerful?

How about this:

I’ll be happy THEN…

Think about it. I’ll be happy THEN things will start falling into place. And it’s true. If you are miserable and stuck in a pattern of self-loathing, well…let’s just say like attracts like.

But how can you get to that place of being happy when you’re not feeling too good right now? Here are some tips:

  • Find gratitude. It is true that everything begins and ends with Gratitude. The mere fact that you’re breathing and alive is something to be thankful for. It’s hard to feel bad when you’re feeling thankful. I suggest keeping a journal, and making a list each day of 5 to 10 things you’re grateful for. It may be as simple as being grateful for coffee, or as deep as being grateful for divine connection. 
  • Acknowledge yourself: a mentor and friend of mine suggested a daily practice of acknowledging myself for three things every day. It has worked wonders on my self-love and self-compassion. It could be simply acknowledging myself for being exactly where I need to be on my journey, or it can be something like giving myself props for getting up and getting this blog written :-) .
  • Take time for yourself daily: I hear from so many women that they just don’t take any time for themselves to do this kind of internal work. They are pulled in many directions, and of course put themselves and their happiness last. Taking time out for YOU is not selfish. As a matter of fact, it’s the most selfless thing you can do. Through a practice of self-love and self-compassion, you are able to give more freely of yourself. Try to work in at least 10 minutes to just “be” each day. Take a walk in nature, sit in a quiet place, etc.
  • Assume the wish fulfilled: so this is getting a bit woo-woo, but if you’re a law of attraction junkie like me, then it’s right up your alley. When you’re taking that time for yourself, get really, really clear on what it is that you want. Feel the feelings as if you already have it (because you already do, it just hasn’t shown up physically yet). Visualize, emotionalize and feel those happy feelings NOW. If you can’t quite feel the feelings yet, then you need to go more “general”. This means thinking of something that makes you happy when you think of it. For me, it’s hummingbirds. I visualize them buzzing around me, and coming to light on my finger. I feel the wind from their wings against my face, and hear their sweet little tweets. Now, those things haven’t happened yet, but I can feel the emotions now, and I know it will happen. You can follow me on Facebook to get updates on when it does :-) .

What are some ways that you get to that Happy Place? Can you make it a daily practice of focusing on I’ll Be Happy THEN? Let me know!



P.S. We’re going to be focusing A LOT on this type of thing in our 12 Week Healthy Aging Lifestyle Program. Nutrition & Exercise, while important, are just part of the equation for living a fulfilled, healthy life as we get older. It’s not too late to join us. Head here to learn more.


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Is Stress Making You Fat?

You know, one of the things I hear most from women in their 40′s and 50′s is that they have started to get a bit of a belly “pooch”, where once was a flat, toned tummy. Usually, they follow this up with something like, “I just don’t get it…I mean, I’m eating less, and working out even more than I used to.”

This is what I like to a call “a clue”.

To understand why the bulging belly phenomena can happen, you must first understand a little about hormones. We typically think of hormones as bad, especially when we talk about them in context of aging, menopause, etc.

But it’s not that hormones are inherently bad; it’s more about which hormones interact with each other and how they interact with each other, that can cause issues.

The hormones we specifically think of when it comes to women and fat loss are insulin, cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and catecholamines. Don’t worry if you don’t know what all of those are – the main thing to understand is that when some hormones “play” or hang out with others, it can lead to a pretty nasty hormonal soup….leading to, you guessed it, increased belly fat storage.

So where does stress come into play? Before getting into that, I need to clarify what I mean by stress. I’m not talking just about stress that is obvious like job stress, financial stress, etc. I’m talking about anything that puts internal stress on the body – things like lack of sleep, overtraining, etc. It is totally possible to not feel unhappy or outwardly stressed, but have a bigtime stress response going on internally. Excess stress = excess cortisol.

Add to this the hormone insulin, and the hormonal soup gets even more interesting. Cortisol added to insulin is a bad combination, and the most problematic for belly fat.

Anyway, as women age, typically, estrogen decreases and testosterone increases. When insulin and cortisol are added to this mix, the result can be increased belly fat. Chronic stress in women raises testosterone, lowers estrogen and negatively impacts insulin – this, in effect, can cause increased hunger & cravings and loss of muscle, along with the belly pooch.

So before you get more stressed out by reading the above, here are some tips to reverse the trend:

  • Get enough sleep: this should be top priority. Make an effort to get at least 8 hours per night. If you’re like me, and have a hard time winding down, try a relaxing bath, reading and drinking chamomile or Sleepytime tea. Also, try to keep your bedroom as dark as possible. Lights from electronics, nightlights, etc., can disrupt the body’s natural sleep pattern.
  • Build in stress-relieving restorative workouts to your routine. These include things like leisure walks in nature, massage, gentle yoga, gardening, spending time with pets, etc. Whatever blisses you out. These types of workouts help to lower cortisol and help to re-balance estrogen and testosterone.
  • Work in 2 to 3 days of heavy weight training per week. This helps to use testosterone for muscle building, not belly fat storage.
  • Don’t go to extremes with diet. You will hear so many different schools of thought on this, but you have to find what works for you. For some women, low carb works best. With others, it’s Intermittent Fasting. It really depends on the individual as to what works. What I’ve found that works well for a lot of my clients is eating three “meals” per day and two snacks. Each meal and snack consists of quality protein, green veggies and a bit of clean starch. Again, it’s not a “one size fits all” deal though.
  • Keep long, endurance type cardio to a minimum. I’m not going to tell you to stop completely, especially if this type of exercise brings you joy. The thing to remember here is the stress response this type of exercise can cause. If you’re going to do it, try for one or two days per week max.
  • Certain food combinations are fat-storing nightmares. Probably the worst is the combination of fat and starch. Add stress to the mix, and it’s even worse. So, general rule of thumb is if you’re going to eat fat, that’s ok…just eat it with green, fibrous veggies and not with starchy carbs like potatoes, rice, etc. Likewise, if you’re going to drink alcohol, it is best to eat lean protein and fibrous veggies and shy away from the fatty foods.
  • Eating less and exercising more is not your friend. Finding a healthy balance of each is key.

Peaches - lowering her cortisolPeaches – lowering her cortisol

In short, keeping stress in check, whether it’s physical or mental stress, helps keep hormones in balance and the belly fat at bay.

So, get out there and enjoy that leisurely walk today!! It does a body good :-) . And while you’re at it, consider joining our 12 Week Healthy Aging Lifestyle Program. Among other things, we’ll be teaching you how to keep hormones in balance and reduce the stressors in your life. Everything kicks off April 13, 2015!



Reference: Metabolic Effect – they are the AUTHORITY on all things hormones and fat loss. Check them out!


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