3 Day Healthy Aging Workout Plan

  • Build lean muscle while strengthening bones & joints
  • Burn fat at rest
  • Make the rest of your life THE BEST

8 Tips for Navigating Holiday Cookouts

Tomorrow is Memorial Day – SO MUCH GRATITUDE for those who gave their lives to preserve our freedom. Memorial Day also signifies the beginning of Summer, which means fun cookouts, days by the pool, and vacations. Ahhhhh…so nice. Today, let’s talk about cookouts. Now, I am ALL about moderation, which means nothing is ever off-limits. I DO […] Read more…

3 Ways to Bust out of a Funk

Funks happen. They just do. It recently happened to me. I felt almost paralyzed. And for no real apparent reason. About the only thing I wasn’t funked out about were my workouts. I’m in the middle of a 9 week program called #FastPhysique, and I’m grateful to have the structure. But everything else felt…off. I […] Read more…

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