Exercise – Quality vs Quantity

  • The 3 rules of exercise
    • Enjoyable
    • Sustainable
    • Gets desired results (or if not, be happy with the trade-off if it’s something you love doing)
  • Why longer workouts can do more harm than good over time
    • Stress hormones out of whack – increase in belly fat
    • HEC out of balance – eat more then feel like you have to “burn it off”
    • The more you do, the more it takes just to maintain
    • Exercise should never be used as punishment for perceived nutrition transgressions
  • Types of workouts I’ve been doing at home
    • No circus workouts
    • Thought-out in advance while also working in what I enjoy
    • Walks
  • Work with me
    • Special promo through end of today
    • Take the guesswork out of things – specific nutrition and exercise programs for your goals
  • Wine & overnight weight gain
    • Dehydration – solution is dilution
    • Weight gain over time/alcohol
  • Bulletproof coffee
    • Good for women over 40?
    • As hormones fluctuate, monitoring starchy carb tipping point is important
    • Some women do better with higher fat, lower carb
    • Bulletproof coffee can help with IF – the additional fat keeps you satiated

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