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Keeping your kitchen clean is something that every homeowner aspires to. Unfortunately keeping this room clean can be a bit of a challenge because it is one of the most used rooms in the home. 

However, keeping things clean and organized is important for your health as well as your sanity. You are going to need to do some deep cleaning periodically and have some amazing storage facilities in place to help you keep your kitchen clean and organized as well as fully functional.

Here are some things you should bear in mind. 

Daily Habits

One of your daily habits should be to clean as you go. Wash dishes while at the counter and put away ingredients while you’re cooking to prevent all the mess from piling up. When it does it can become mountainous and overwhelming, you may just decide to walk away from it and not come back until morning. 

This can leave you with an infestation of ants and even roaches. Rodents from outside may also take over as well. Clean up as soon as you can by cleaning with a grinder brush, and soft cloth.

After each meal make sure that you are wiping off the counter top, stove tops as well as tables to remove crumbs and spills that may have happened. Be sure to sweep as well to pick up any of those small particles to stop dirt and food from accumulating.

Weekly Habits

There is also a weekly cleaning habit that you should pick up if you want to keep things sanitary. The microwave and your oven as well as your refrigerator shelves should be cleaned at least once a week to stop dirt and grime from building up. 

Be sure to throw out the trash as well and place whatever needs to go to recycling into bins. This will prevent odors and overflow in your kitchen. 

At least weekly you can try to organize your pantry and your fridge. Check if there are any expired items and make sure you’re throwing these out as soon as possible.

Monthly Maintenance 

Monthly you can dive in and clean your cabinets and drawers. Wipe down the inside of these cabinets, and drawers to get rid of dust as well as crumbs

Deep clean your fridge and freezer. Just take out all the items inside and get a clean rag, a little bit of soap and get things cleaned up.

Organization Tips

It’s not just about keeping things clean you have to make sure that you’re keeping things organized as well. Use the tips below to help you knock it out of the ballpark.

Use Clean Containers

If things are still in boxes, it is time for you to become as neat as a pin and get your containers organized by labeling them. This way you can easily identify what you have inside each of them without ever becoming confused. 

Make sure that these containers are clean for storing your dry goods. Not only does storing things in containers keep things neatly organized but they also get you to reduce the packaging and clutter that can build up in your home. 

Vertical Space Is Your Friend

Make sure you are installing shelves or hooks that make use of vertical space. You can then store pots and pans as well as utensils on them. This is especially amazing if you have a small kitchen. 

You can make your shelves decorative and eye-catching if you use the right fixtures on them. There’s no need for them to be boring and make your kitchen look drab.

This is the last thing you want. What you do want is for your kitchen to be functional but you also want to be the heart and soul of your home. This means you have to try to make it have jaw-dropping aesthetics whenever you can. 

Why not? It’s a space you’re going to spend a lot of time in especially if you like to cook, so make sure it is a space that you love looking at and being in.

Declutter Regularly 

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you are decluttering regularly. By periodically going to your kitchen and throwing out what you’re not using you’re making way for the things that you do need in the present. 

Now you know exactly how to get your kitchen to be functional and beautiful at the same time. Once you get all of these things right, you’re going to love the look of your kitchen!

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