Funks happen. They just do.

It recently happened to me. I felt almost paralyzed. And for no real apparent reason.

About the only thing I wasn’t funked out about were my workouts. I’m in the middle of a 9 week program called #FastPhysique, and I’m grateful to have the structure.

But everything else felt…off. I could not get my creative juices flowing, and found it hard to get excited about pretty much anything.

Can you relate?

I hear this from many women – they hit a wall, and can’t seem to break through – whether it’s with their nutrition, workouts, or just LIFE.

In the old days, I would have beaten myself up over my funkiness. But I know that does absolutely NO good, so I cut myself some slack, and focused on these three ways to bust through to the other side of Funkville.

Let Yourself Be Funky

No joke, I took a whole Sunday and did absolutely nothing productive ALL DAY LONG. I watched the entire season of #GirlBoss on Netflix (hey, it’s personal development, right?), curled up on the couch with Peaches. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, Peaches or me :-).

Netflix Binge much?
Netflix Binge!

I felt a wee bit guilty at first, but quickly got over it. The end result was I woke up the next day feeling good. I tackled my to-do’s early and was grateful that I was able to take a day to do absolutely nothing (see next tip).
If you’re feeling out of sorts, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking some time to just “be”, whether that’s binge-watching Netflix, taking naps, walks, etc.

Taking time like this can be a much-needed reboot for your psyche. I recommend taking a bit of a digital detox as well where you stay off your phone/computer.

Go To Gratitude

Whenever I am feeling not quite myself (and even when I do), gratitude is my number one go-to trick for nudging me in the right direction.

Typically, as I awake in the morning, I lie still for a few minutes and focus on the things around me – the Robin chirping outside my window, Peaches and Diamond the cat curled up next to me, the feel of the sheets on my skin…and then I start mentally ticking off the things and people I’m grateful for.

Doing this takes my focus off what I DON’T want to feel (which is funky), and helps me understand that I really do have so much to be grateful for.

Re-connect to Source

I typically don’t talk too much about my beliefs around spirituality, mainly because my beliefs are my own, and we know that it is a very personal thing. That said, I do not consider myself religious, but I am spiritual.

Call it God, Source Energy, Higher Self, the Universe, whatever it is for you…I have found that when I’m disconnected from Source, that’s when the funk can settle in.

Sometimes I almost feel like I need to disconnect a bit, just so I can appreciate how awesome it is when I AM connected – if that makes sense.

If you study metaphysics at all, then you may have heard that we’ll never get it wrong, and we’ll never get it done. And that what we desire is borne from what we don’t desire.

Disconnecting from Source for just a short time definitely helps me understand what I DON’T want (funkiness), and brings me that much closer to Source after the funk has run its course.

I see clearer, am more focused, take inspired action and good things start happening !

This is by no means an exhaustive funk-busting list. What are some of your favorite tips? Let me know!



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