Hi, my name is Tara, and I’m a network marketer.

It took me about two years to “come out” – unapologetic, with pride and confidence. Seriously.

I’ve been in the network marketing profession for 5 years now – and to say that it’s been a life changer is an understatement.

I had zero network marketing experience before I started – heck, I didn’t really even know what it was! When I heard the phrase, I thought “Amway” or “Pyramid Scheme”. Maybe you have thought (or think) the same?

My professional training is in IT, and later in nutrition and fitness. Neither of those professions come close to doing what I do as a network marketer. I mean, we’re talking a COMPLETE different ball game.

And while, network marketing has changed my life financially…no doubt about it…it has done way more than that.

If you think network marketing is just about “selling stuff”, then I invite you to explore the following surprising ways it has up-level’d my life, and can for you too:

Improved My Self-Esteem

Before I started with my NM company, I dealt with some feelings of insecurity surrounding my educational background. I never graduated college, which used to fill me with feelings of inadequacy.

Most of my close friends are highly-educated, brilliant people. Having not graduated college myself made me feel a bit “less than”, them. This was totally self-imposed, as my friends are awesome and never did or said anything to make me feel the way I did.

But, what I found with NM was that the more people I met in my company, the more I found that having a college degree was of no consequence. All that mattered was having a willingness to learn, being coachable, being open-minded and having a drive to succeed. Hey, I can do that, I thought! Moreover, I’ve found that while a lot of my NM friends didn’t go to college, they are some of the brightest, savviest people I know.

Took My Self-Development Game To The Next Level

I’ll be honest…when I was working my traditional 9 to 5, I had little interest in personal development. I worked out, went to work, came home stressed and drained – then repeated it all the next day. That was all I could handle mentally. There was no “room” for anything else.

So, imagine my shock when, after just a few months into my network marketing journey, Nick and I were given an incredible opportunity to attend a personal development retreat on a private island in Belize.

I had no idea what to expect, but during that week, Nick and I were stretched beyond anything I had ever learned or done in my career. We came home completely changed and charged up. All because we learned more about ourselves and how we want to show up in the world.

It has been an ongoing journey ever since – always learning, always expanding, always growing.

When you’re dealing with everyday life, it can be easy to lose sight of this – and that’s exactly what had happened to me.

Pushed Me TOTALLY Out of My Comfort Zone

As I grew personally, I realized that being “comfortable”, while safe and somewhat secure, was not serving me or the world that I wanted to reach. In my career, I had grown complacent. There was really no higher I could go, and I knew that there had to be more to life than what I was doing.

Network Marketing was the one thing that gave me hope that I could actually make the rest of my life THE BEST (what PLF is all about!); but in order for that to happen, I needed to work like never before. And that meant doing things I wasn’t always comfortable with (like speaking in front of large crowds), but ultimately became easier the more I did them.

I still continue to be pushed outside my comfort zone with this business – and while it can be super scary, I welcome it.

You’ll hear people say that network marketing is simple, but it isn’t easy – that is the truth! But it’s also one of the very few things out there that can help you realize your goals, and in a time frame that matches your effort. You can literally build a crazy successful biz in 5 years (or less) working part-time, if you’re willing to get uncomfortable.

Helped Me Understand The True Meaning of “Team”:

In network marketing, you become successful by helping others be successful. It’s about collaboration, not competition. If you come from a corporate background, this can take some getting used to.

For me, it was like I instantly gained a tribe of like-minded people who want the same things as me – optimal health, longevity and financial resources to give how I want to give and do what I want to do. I have made such amazing friends through this business – ones I would have never met otherwise. I often say this is my favorite part of being a network marketer.

Helped Me Understand the Difference Between an Abundance/Scarcity Mindset

Truth is, most people operate from a place of Scarcity. Meaning they are more focused on what they DON’T have as opposed to what they DO have (and being grateful for that). They think there isn’t enough to go around – that there is a finite supply of health, abundance, etc.

When you operate from scarcity, there will NEVER be enough – and it will be hard to see gratitude in what is there.

Things are competitive and cut-throat, as everyone tries to get ahead. You feel angry and resentful when you see others with things you desire.

It’s the basis of a lot of corporate and/or regular sales gigs.

Conversely, when you realize that we live in an abundant Universe and that we’re all on the same team, doors open. You become grateful for both what’s already there and what WILL be there. You understand that there’s more than enough to go around, and competition falls away.

Network marketing, at its core, is about abundance. It teaches us to get clear on our “why” and our dreams – and helps us understand that what is possible for one person is also possible for all. It’s a hard thing to find in other professions.

Is network marketing it for you? I don’t know. What I DO know that there are so many wonderful NM marketing companies out there. Find one that has products/services you want…try them out…if you fall in love with them , the rest can happen organically – as quickly or slowly as you like.



P.S. If you’re a network marketer (or even if not), check out my free handbook: 5 Tips to Build Your Network Marketing Business Authentically & Purposefully

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